Frequently asked questions

A warm welcome to the website of elementary school
“De Vuurvlinder”.

We would like to tell you about our school. We do so by listing the most frequently asked questions we usually receive during school tours. If this information made you curious, we kindly invite you to contact us for a tour of our school. If the information on this page is too concise we invite you to read more through Education of Frequently asked questions.

What is the vision of our school?

Our mission is: De Vuurvlinder, involved in the development of your child! This development takes place in the social-emotional and cognitive areas. We deem it very important to keep the two in balance. Hence, the process is just as important as the product.

What is the concept of this school?

We work according to the concept of Experiential Education. Hereby the main focus is wellbeing and involvement. If your wellbeing is safeguarded, you are open for development. If you are involved in the education that is being offered, you will learn optimally. Teachers always keep these two core values in mind when preparing their lessons. With this the content comes fully into play and children will develop from intrinsic motivation.

Does De Vuurvlinder work with certain methods?

We work with modern and reputable methods. These constitute the basis of our offer. The regular offerings are enriched through interaction but also through interest, experience and involvement of children.

How is the connection with secondary school?

The number of children going to various high schools is as you may expect with our school population. In addition, we often receive feedback that students of “De Vuurvlinder” come with additional baggage. They generally have an inquiring attitude, attention to the process and are highly motivated.

Is there sufficient challenge for the children?

We differentiate at various levels through instruction and demand. This applies to students who need some extra guidance for a particular field, but also for students who seek more challenge. A protocol lays down how we deal with this.

How do you handle bullying?

Our concept offers different organisational structures dedicated to the social and emotional development. This creates understanding and respect between children. You can be yourself at “De Vuurvlinder”. If this basic attitude turns out to be insufficient on occasion, the teacher will respond to this. A supporting protocol is provided to the teacher accordingly.

What is the size of the school?

“De Vuurvlinder” has about 400 pupils. These are divided in 5 groups 1/2 and thereafter 2 groups per grade, so 17 groups in total.

What is the size of the groups?

The average size of each group is 24 to 25 pupils.

What are the school hours?

The school opens in the morning at 08.30 am for a walk-in of fifteen minutes. Classes are from 8:45 am to 12:00 am and from 13:00 pm to 15:15 pm. On Wednesday, the children may leave at 12.30 and they have the afternoon off. These hours apply to all children.

Can my child stay at school during lunch break

Yes, on all school days except Wednesday there is the possibility to stay at school. There is supervision by parents for a fee of € 1.85. This supervision is organised under the guardianship of the nursery “De Bloemenkinderen”.

How can I register my child at De Vuurvlinder?

We’d like to tell you about our school in person, so we kindly invite you for an individual tour. Via contact you can send us an email or call to make an appointment. Needless to say your child is welcome to join you during this visit. If you have made your choice, please complete and send the registration form. You will receive written confirmation that your child is enrolled. Moreover, the new teacher of your child will contact you no later than 4 weeks before he or she will start.

Who is the new teacher of my child?

If you’re curious you can view the whole team for a first impression.